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Promovimi i Barazisë Gjinore përmes Integrimit Gjinor

Promoting Gender Equality through Gender Mainstreaming- supported by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida) and Kvinna till Kvinna.

The overall objective of the project is: Improved mainstreaming of gender, and including gender as a cross-cutting issue into EU integration process and planning of EU programs in Kosovo, and into the National Strategic and Development documents in Kosovo.

The project strives to address several critical issues related to gender equality and mainstreaming gender in all spheres of life. Currently very little efforts are made to make gender part of the planning process for public policies. With gender being considered only superficially in policy and strategic planning processes during which much of development path of our country is determined, it has not been included genuinely as a priority in them. As such, the structural problems within the Kosovo society and public institutions system continue to persist and they are not adequately addressed neither by public policies nor donor-funded support for processes. As a result, women remain significantly more disadvantaged than men, they are underrepresented, under-employed, etc.

By making processes and budgets gender-sensitive, the results will contribute to women empowerment and inclusion in all spheres of life and ensure that public wealth/funding is proportionally distributed to address priorities of men and women alike.

Furthermore, by instilling gender-sensitive terminology and gender sensitive planning in EU integration processes and distribution of EU funding, the project aims at also channeling financial support for priorities of women and challenges faced by them. Moreover, introducing gender as a theme from the onset of EU planning processes, ensures that this aspect will be followed-upon in all future stages.

Target Groups of the project :

  • Local Women Organizations
  • Media
  • Institutional and Political Leaders
  • International and Donor Organizations