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Youth and Gender Equality in Prizren

On 23rd of November, Kosovar Gender Studies Center organized the conference “Youth and Gender Equality in Prizren”. The conference is organized within the framework of the project “Young Women Engaged in Political Parties and Processes”.

This event aside from presenting the perception of youth on politics in Prizren, focused from gender perspective, will also be a forum of exchange of ideas and clearly identifying obstacles to active women engagement that will also serve as an awareness raising tool for youth in Prizren.

The main speakers of the event were: Artan Abrashi, Chairperson of the Municipal Assembly of Prizren; Vjosa Curri, Executive Director of Dora Dores and Hajrullah Ceku, Human Rights Activist. Whereas, the opening remarks and moderation was made by Tringa Kasemi, Activist, Femaktiv.