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Student Debate - AAB College

On 6th of December 2017, Kosovar Gender Studies Centre in cooperation with AAB College, organized a discussion with students on the inclusion of women and youth in decision-making and policy processes. This activity was organized within the framework of the EU-funded project "Young Women Engaged in Political Parties and Political Processes"

Speakers of this event were:

Luljeta Demolli, Executive Director, Kosovar Gender Studies Centre

Mybera Mustafa, Lecturer at AAB and former Deputy Minister of Health

Genta Gola, Project Coordinator, Kosovar Gender Studies Centre

Pranvera Lipovica, Senior Program Manager, Political Party Program, National Democratic Institute in Kosovo

Kosovare Ukshini, Coordinator for the Faculty of Economics, AAB College

In this open and interactive discussion, we discussed the challenges that women and youth face in decision-making and political positions, as well as their low participation in leadership positions.