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Conference "Youth in decision-making" in Ferizaj

On 26th of May, as a part of In the 6th edicion of FemArt Festival (25-30 May, 2018), KGSC organized the Conference "Youth in decision-making" in Ferizaj.

Panelists in the conference were: Erza Kurti, Lavdi Zymberi and Visare Mujko-Nimani. The panel was moderated by Rreze Abdullahu.

Every year FemArt engages over hundreds of women artists and activists from around the world who showcase their creative work through: Theater Performances, Films (Documentaries, shorts and features), Exhibitions, Performances, Concerts, Lectures, Workshops, Panel Discussions and Presentations through various art forms.

Under the moto RUN THE SHOW the festival encourages resilience and solidarity with women and men whose rights are violated due to their ethnic, social, racial backgrounds and sexual preferences.