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Young Women Engaged in Political Parties and Political Processes

“Young Women Engaged in Political Parties and Political Processes” is a project funded by the European Union which started its implementation in December 2016.

Overall Objective of the Action is to promote the full implementation of Gender Equality Law and Anti-Discrimination of Women through improving their participation in politics and decision-making positions in public institutions. The project will produce sustainable results and impact as it aims at channeling the change through three major axis: strengthening capacities of local women NGOs to take up to their watchdog and advocacy roles; greater ability to mobilize members and activists through trained young women; and increasing the visibility and outreach of local women NGOs through greater visibility and presence in the field. The project will strive to achieve the following specific objectives:

  • Increase young women’s participation as voters and leaders in Kosovo and the Prizren Region specifically;
  • Raise capacities of young women to successfully compete in politics and public institutions;
  • Improve policies fostering greater involvement of women;
  • Generate evidence on challenges that young women face in political participation for future programming of the Government and non-governmental institutions;
  • Raise awareness on the importance of full participation of women in public and political scene.