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Improving Accountability for Gender Equality in Decision Making

The project “Improving Accountability for Gender Equality in Decision Making” has been supported by the project Promotion Society Democratic Party (DSP) and is financed by Swiss Cooperation Office Kosovo (SCO-K) and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark (DANIDA) and managed by Kosovar Civil Society Foundation (KCSF). The project aims at improving the implementation of GEL at all levels and across sectors through introducing legal processes as a consequence of non-implementation. Through the improved implementation of GEL, there will also be improvements in gender balance in the employment in public sector.
This project seeks to maximize on existing legal and institutional infrastructure to advance gender mainstreaming and gender equality across public sector. The project aims at achieving one major goal, that is, install accountability on the implementation of the Gender Equality Law. This goal will be forwarded through achievement of several Specific Objectives (SO), the achievement of which inevitably leads to the improved implementation of Gender Equality Law (GEL) and increased accountability for violations against it. To this end, the Specific Objectives set forth to be achieved through the implementation of the proposed Action are:
SO1: Generate accurate snapshot of women representation at all levels of public institutions;
SO2: Enhance the understanding of both decision makers and the general public on the importance of GEL implementation through engagement of media, public figures and other interlocutors;
SO3: Hold legally accountable the ultimate decision-makers in the institution that score the worst in the implementation of GEL.