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Conference “Adoption of the Policy Against Sexual Harassment in the Workplace in Kosovo”

On 11th of December 2017, Kosovar Gender Studies Center, organized the conference “Adoption of the Policy Against Sexual Harassment in the Workplace in Kosovo”. This policy contributes to the protection of gender equality as a fundamental value of the democratic development of Kosovo's society by ending any forms of sexual harassment that endangers the personal integrity of all employees in Kosovo.

The Conference Opening Remarks were made by: Mrs.Vonda Kimble Delawie to be followed by the keynote speakers as following: Mrs. Luljeta Demolli, Executive Director, Kosovar Gender Studies Center ; Habit Hajredini, Director of the Office for Good Governance, Human Rights, Equal Opportunities and Gender Issues and Jehona Lushaku, Lecturer, Department of Political Science, University of Pristina. Whereas, Ms. Lavdi Zymberi presented the Policy against sexual harassment on the work place in Kosovo”

This activity was implemented within the project “Gender Mainstreaming in Civil Society and Private Sector” under the Engagement for Equity Program - E4E, financed by USAID and supported by ATRC.