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Equal Rights for All Coalition

A Coalition comprising seven (7) non-governmental organisations was established and developed a project “Equal Rights for All Coalition”which is funded by the European Union and managed by the European Union Office in Kosovo.

Equal Rights for All Coalition project objectives are to establish and maintain an effective coalition that aims to strengthen the capacities of participating CSOs to advocate for the promotion and protection of fundamental rights of selected vulnerable and marginalised groups (VMGs). In particular, the Coalition will:

  • Form a cooperative mechanism to provide aid and support to members of VMGs whose fundamental rights are not guaranteed or protected;
  • Establish meaningful and informed participation in the government’s decision- and policy-making processes on the promotion and protection of fundamental rights of VMGs on the basis of multi-disciplinary policy research;
  • Strengthen the institutional capacities and interdisciplinary skills of participating CSOs;
  • Raise awareness about the role of civil society in enhancing access to fundamental rights for all.