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Advancing Diversity in the Labor Market as a Precondition of Dignified Work for All

This project will directly address key forms of discrimination in the labor market such as gender based discrimination and racial discrimination. On one hand, the project will address immediately the high rate of unemployment amongst young Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian women via the Internship Program. On the other hand, KGSC will work closely with the public and private sector and will produce policies, and initiatives that aim the elimination of discrimination in the labor market. The project will strive to achieve the following specific objectives:

  1. Increase the participation of young women of Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian in the labor market.
  2. Address sexual harassment at the workplace in the private sector.
  3. Raise awareness on gender-based, and race based discrimination at the workplace.
  4. Push forward “diversity policies at the state level and private sector.
  5. Improve the cooperation between the private sector and NGOs.

This project is financially supported by the Embassy of Netherlands in Kosovo within the Matra and Human Rights Fund 2022 project.