The Real Man'!?

On 27th of November 2017, Qendra Multimedia & Katharina Maschenka Horn presented: “Jam Burr’!? [The Real Man!?]”,by Katharina Maschenka Horn in Kosovo's National Theater. Kosovar Gender Studies Center organized a discussion with the audience after the show.

Performers: Robert Nuha (Kosovo);Nemanja Mutić (Bosnia-Herzegovina); Jan Novosel (Croatia); Katharina Maschenka Horn (Germany).What is it like to be a man in the Balkan? Katharina Maschenka Horn and the performers deal with the cliché and the reality of the 'real' Balkan men, the "tamam burrë".

A Kosovar, a Bosnian and a Croatian performer come together on stage. Although they are of different nationalities, they come together to process and discuss if it is really necessary for a man to assert himself with violence and aggressiveness or could men be seen as victims of society!

Photographs by: Majlinda Hoxha