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Background, Vision & Mission


The Kosovar Gender Studies Center was founded in 2002 by KFOS Women’s Program and was the first organization of this kind in Kosovo. Two years after, based on a feasibility study, the Kosovo Foundation for Open Society (KFOS) Board decided to spin off the Women’s Program from KFOS and became an integral part of the Kosovar Gender Studies Center.

The Kosovar Gender Studies Center has since become a leader in conducting research on gender issues and developing gender studies in Kosovo. The center’s research publications have been applauded by other non-governmental organizations, government representatives and professors from the University of Prishtina.


Based on the value system set forth in the sections above, Kosovar Gender Studies Center seeks a society which is based on individual and group rights where gender equality and mainstreaming is included all spheres of life, under strict implementation of laws, and a society where women would be able to achieve self-realization and personal and professional development.


The mission of Kosovar Gender Studies Center (KGSC) is to integrate gender-sensitive analysis, programs, and policies in all sectors of Kosovar society. This is aimed by increasing gender awareness and a focus on gender issues, developing gender studies and ensuring the inclusion of gender-sensitive policies through research, policy development, advocacy and lobbying.